Build your renewal premiums

Let's face it, P&C takes a little more work than life insurance. You need dedication, commitment to your customers and the know how to keep them for the long term.

  • The average retention rate of a good P&C book is 85%

  • At an 85% retention rate you need to write MORE than 15% increase each year to grow

  • Untrained staff or ineffective practices will increase your lapse can to as high as 18-25%

  • If you average $100/annual commission on an auto and have 1500 auto, that's $150,000/ year

Sales & Service

Get organized from the start to save time later! Having systems in place will create accuracy, saving your E&O!

  • 1

    P&C Sales and Service Introduction

  • 2

    Agency Introduction

  • 3

    Sales Introduction

  • 4

    Best Practices

  • 5

    Sales Part 2

    • Introduction to Sales

    • Desperate Sales

    • Educational Sales

    • Generational Sales

    • Life Events

    • Relationships

  • 6


    • mod6_claims_intro

    • Loss Ratio

    • Deductible Importance

    • Pre-Claim Discussion

  • 7


    • Introduction to Retention

    • Multi-line retention

    • In Book Retention

    • Planting Seeds

  • 8

    Wrap Up

    • P & C Summary

    • What's next?

    • Weekly Goal Action Plan Bonus Download

    • Bonus New Customer Onboarding

What are you leaving on the table?

P&C Renewals are considered one of the best sources of passive income in the industry. It is often discounted due to the skills needed to gain retention. Don't let lack of training stop you from building a great future source of passive income.

Set yourself up for success!

After nearly 20 years n P&C and 30+ in the insurance industry I've seen a lot. New agents coming in as old left and there is a clear gap in the training provided. Stop struggling and start collecting those renewals, set up for referrals and grow your business with less stress!