P&C is not as hard as it seems

The passive income lost on a sloppy book of personal lines P&C business can be staggering. If you are new to the field, if you are struggling or if you are ready to walk out this is the place to be. After decades in the business Melissa can break it down into a simple formula to not only retain and grow your book but keep your customers referring new business.

Meet your trainer

Coach Melissa Mohr

Melissa is a five star coach with a 30+ year career in the insurance industry. She's been both in the field and in corporate from sales to corporate trainer she's got a lot of experience behind her. She's passionate and seen many changes over the years, using her training skills along with professional experience you get the benefit of the practical knowledge needed to succeed in the personal lines insurance business.
Meet your trainer

FAQ from new agents

New agents or struggling agents have a lot of questions, here are a few that are common.

  • Why worry about P&C when life commissions are higher?

    Life insurance has a great initial premium commission, however the commission does decrease over time. Typically by the end of 10 years there is little to no commission value on life insurance.

  • How long do auto and homeowner's commissions last?

    Commissions on auto and home are typically paid out for the entire life of the policy. As long as the customer is with you every time the policy renews you will get a commission. If you have a $100 pay out every 6 months for an auto over a 20 year period that is easily $4,000. If your book contains 1000 of those auto policies you're looking at $200,000 per year.

  • How quickly can I make a lot of money?

    Life insurance is the short game of insurance, high pay outs over a short period of time. P&C is the long game, if you are planning on building for a nice income in the future with renewal commissions. Nobody is guaranteed a "get rich quick" formula in any field, it takes hard work and great skills.

  • Don't companies train their agents?

    Yes, companies do train the agents to a degree. They train them on their products, the systems and their in house expectations. The soft skills required to become and remain successful are not taught. If you are lucky enough to have a mentor that's been in the business long enough you will learn a lot.

  • Can I ask my recruiter about this stuff?

    Sure you can! Make no mistake they will be as accommodating as they can be, however they are also doing their job. Their job is to sell you on the idea of an insurance career with their company. They are vested in you saying yes. I'm not saying it's not a great career choice, but don't get side tracked by the dog and pony show.

  • Why did you design this training?

    I love insurance! Yes, I do love insurance but that is not the only reason. After 30+ years in both corporate and agency I have seen a lot and want to give the insurance field back it's integrity. There's so many ill equipped agents out there writing sloppy policies, the customers are suffering and the industry looks like a bunch of carpet baggers. There was a time when an insurance agent was a trusted advisor and not just a salesman, I would like to see those days back.